from Meg

        On this page I share stories and let you know what's going on with
     myself, my life and my continuing journey with Love & Light.

                     Hope you are all staying safe out there
              It's a hard time for everybody right now !                                Show compassion and understanding to all people                            respect everyone's right to stay and feel safe
                          we ARE all in this together   

                             Add some kindness to someone else's day. 
        Smile, behind your mask, it makes you and those around you feel better,
                     it will show in your voice and the energy you put out                                                                                share good energy !!

                               Get outside and enjoy nature, socially distance
                                  Mother Nature is fine with you being alone    
                                               It's good for your soul ! 

                                    Always think of your body as a whole;
                       You need to feed your soul as well as your physical body.
                                    Relax, meditate, spend time in silence. 
                                     Enjoy this season and feel the joy !! 

                                                 BE HAPPY and safe
                                      you deserve it !!

                                          EVERYBODY DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!