from Meg

        On this page I share stories and let you know what's going on with                 myself, my life and my continuing journey with Love & Light.

       Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays !!

​        I hope everyone is taking time to enjoy this busy season
      I know it's hard to do but try to spend a little time to relax
      and take in many of the little joys that can be experienced 
      at this time of year;
      a child's excitement, pretty decorations, a kindness that seems
      to be brought out in so many people 
      It's the season of love !! Be part of it !!


  The new year is a time to shed the things that are no longer beneficial to
   you, your health and well being. A good time of year to reflect on
   whats really important to you. Sometimes we feel the need to do
   things to please other people, or because it's what "should be done".
   It's ok to change the rules as you go along in life. As long as you are not        hurting or neglecting anyone you love. DO IT FOR YOU !!! 


     Always think of your body as a whole;
     You need to feed your soul as well as your body. Relax, meditate,                     spend time in silence. Enjoy this season and all it's beauty.

              BE HAPPY !!