What is Reiki and how can it help you?

                  Reiki is a light hands on form of energy healing. It is used
                 in helping to heal the body and the mind. It is also very effective 
                 as preventative care by relieving stress and clearing the body of 
                 negative energy that can get trapped inside.

                  People can sometimes be confused by Reiki and what it really is
                 and about the term 'energy healing'. 
                 It's easy to believe that "a healing" is only for very sick people.

                  Our bodies are made of energy and it's important for everyone
                 keep their energy "cleared" to stay healthy and happy.

                  Simply by being stressed, tired, or overworked can be hard on your
                 body and your frame of mind. This could lead to an illness down 
                 the line.

                  During a Reiki session the client lays,fully clothed,on a massage
                 table while the practitioner works aligning and clearing the energy 
                 centers or chakras of their body. It's very relaxing and calming. 
                 Most people enjoy the sessions and benefit from the experience, 
                 becoming repeat clients. 

                        Are you stressed or in physical pain?
                 Do you have muscle or joint pain, chronic headaches, back
                 pain, carry your stress in your neck and shoulders?

                 Find yourself spending a lot of time worrying, find it hard to clear your mind?               
                   Are you pushing down your feelings, pretending everything's OK ?
                   These things can block your third chakra leading to stomach and digestive problems.
                   It's important to take the time to really relax ! 
                   If you don't it causes an imbalance in your body and also blocks your chakras; this
                   can lead to pain, illness or depression.
                 Reiki helps with all of the things listed above. 

                  Reiki is used in hospitals,cancer centers and hospices. Research shows
                 it can be beneficial to have a session before and after surgery to help 
                 speed the healing process and reduce pain. Cancer patients find relief 
                 from the side effects associated with the treatment of chemotherapy and 
                 radiation with Reiki. Hospices offer Reiki to help terminal patients, relieving pain 
                 and bringing them comfort.

                  Meg is a very caring and gifted intuitive healer, working with all types
                 of clients. She is an experienced professional with a genuine desire
                 to help her clients. Make an appointment with her and see how comforting
                 and healing a Reiki session can be. 

                         Contact Meg to schedule an appointment  send message to 
                                                Meg's office is in central Connecticut
                                                         Reiki sessions  $66

  Relax, Renew and
   Heal with Reiki 

                     Clients comments:                     "Meg's Reiki room is very relaxing, has a special energy that I can feel."

               "After a Reiki with Meg, I leave feeling calm, rejuvenated and peaceful,
                it's a great experience."    

               "I always feel  relaxed and 'saner' after a Reiki session."  

              " I had an injury that covered my entire hand, I was amazed at how
                quickly it healed after Meg worked on it. It was completely better
                in just a few days."    

              " Meg was able to help me with my migraines, it's  been huge relief " 
             " After my dad passed away, Reiki helped me with my sadness and depression."

             " Reiki helps me with relaxation and controlling my stress ."

               " I call Meg "the day after Reiki" I always feel great the next day and  the days following.
               " It's always exciting to me when Meg sees spirits around the Reiki table and tells me that they are there."