Painting Class                  for Healing,                 Emotional Release        and Self Awareness  
            No artistic or painting                     experience needed !!!
​ Don't confuse this with the painting classes where everyone  paints the same  picture with instruction. These are different,  personal individual paintings that  come from within the  student, the purpose is emotional healing. 

   This type of painting is not about artistic ability or               creating beautiful paintings, although they may be           beautiful to your soul, it's about bringing out your             emotions, your inner feelings. This can help you to 
    work through an issue or to release emotion that may       be tied to stress or problems in your life.

  Everyone works alone, quietly, to allow your emotions
  to take over and guide you in your paintings.
  You may work on the patio under a canopy,or you may     move your easel out into the yard and work all alone.
​  Rain days classes are held inside.

   The class starts with Meg explaining the process,              she clears everyone's energy then does a short                meditation. She can help with painting how to's one          on one if anyone needs it. Meg will also help you if you    feel unsure of how to get started.     

   After all students are through with their paintings we       share our experiences, no one is required to share any     personal information, we discuss the process and how
  it felt for everyone.

  The class lasts 2 1/2 hours, all supplies are 
   This is a healing experience and can be                             very enlightening, you never know what will turn up.
  All Materials Supplied
  these are pictures from the Painting your Emotions class 
  on July 15th    rain day so we had an inside class

  This was an amazing class, everyone was able to tap into an                                emotion, they just took off and started painting, working through                            issues and releasing feelings. 
   The feedback from the students was very positive, everyone
  shared their experience. People experienced emotional release, gained                 clarity and all the students expressed that they felt they benefited from the           process. The paintings turned out beautiful because of the healing that took         place during the day.
                                                                              A great day !! 
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  Paint your Emotion

 Sun Oct 22nd  2-4:30

     Classes $55.
 e-mail meg at
 to reserve your spot in class 
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  All of these paintings brought a sense
of healing to these women. One lady
cried the whole time she painted, she was releasing; a beautiful thing to see. Two people choose not to share specifics
but both said they felt they got some
benefits from the process; one went out the next day and bought painting supplies she loved it so much. This all brings me great joy!!  meg  come see for yoursef
next class Oct 22nd 2pm