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 Meg Wayton RMT


      Usui Reiki Master              Karuna Reiki Master

   Past Life Hypnotherapy

​   Mediumship

  Psychic Abilities
   Angel Readings
​   Crystal Therapy


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       Meg is a very caring            and gifted Intuitive Healer                   offering

     Reiki and Energy Healing                      Sessions                                         
       Past Life Regressions

      Healing Painting Classes 

      Mediumship Readings

       A Reiki Practitioner                         since 2006
    Meg opened Love & Light                       in 2009

          certified through                  the Edgar Cayce A R E                             in
     Past Life Hypnotherapy

          certified through
   Accolades Academy from
​                the UK
            in Mediumship

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    Reiki Session                 or  
      a Past Life
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 Reiki /  Energy Healing

 Past Life Regression      Mediumship             Hypnotherapy      'Spirit Writings'           
                                  Past Life Regressions
  It can be fun and interesting to find out   who you were in a  past life, but visiting a   past life can also teach you about your   current life. It can bring to light such things   as why you have relationships with certain   people or have particular habits or abilities.
 Regressions are meant to be very healing and   helpful in understanding yourself.
    Hey everybody, due to Corona I'm   not having in person Reiki sessions       or art classes at this time. 
 I am offering Medium Spirit Writings,         you can contact me by 
      e-mail;       thanks, meg