Reiki, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Love & Light Meg Wayton

 Meg Wayton RMT

​   certifications:
      Usui Reiki Master            Karuna Reiki Master          Past Life Hypnotherapy  
    Psychic Abilities
    Crystal Therapy            

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    Meg is a very caring          and gifted intuitive  healer offering Reiki and   Energy Healing sessions                also 
   Past Life Regressions
  Healing Painting classes           in central CT. 

    A Reiki Practitioner          since 2006
Meg opened Love & Light       in 2009      
     Meg is a certified                     through
  the Edgar Cayce A R E                   in
   Past Life Hypotherapy
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     of a Reiki session
   discover a past life
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 Reiki  /  Energy Healing
 Past Life Regression                     Hypnotherapy
                              Past Life Regressions
  It can be fun and interesting to find out   who you were in a  past life, but visiting a   past life can also teach you a lot about   your current life. Such as why you have   relationships with particular people or     have certain habits or abilities.
  It can be very healing and helpful
   for understanding yourself.